Tobias Read

Tobias Read

Tobias Read

Oregon Governor


Why I'm running.

I’m running for governor because I believe we need steady leadership to start building a better future for Oregon. We need to stop lurching from one crisis to the next and lay out a vision for where to take Oregon, not just for next year, but for the next generation. I’m not just interested in what happens in the short-term – because we’re planting seeds for future success. And to realize our ambitions, we need to match our good intentions with follow through and execution.

My top 3 priorities.

Reducing homelessness, improving public education, and battling the climate crisis. We need to get our neighbors into safe shelters and housing as soon as possible, invest in our kids’ future and tackle the climate crisis while protecting our most vulnerable communities.

Why voters should choose me.

We’ve got big challenges in front of us, and what we’re doing now isn’t working. We’ve got a homelessness crisis, that despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars only seems to get worse. We’ve got record high homicides. Covid has stretched our schools to the breaking point and we need to help our kids catch up. And that doesn’t even account for the enormous challenge we face when it comes to wildfires and climate change. When I’m governor we’re going to treat these problems with the urgency they deserve and when things aren’t working we’re going to fix them.