Tina Kotek

Tina Kotek

Oregon Governor


Why I'm running.

I want to solve problems to make life better for all Oregonians. I started my public service at Oregon Food Bank – traveling the state, sitting with Oregonians, listening to their stories about why they needed to get a food box. It wasn’t just about food: it was about low wages, the high cost of housing, and the burden of medical debt. These stories have been my guiding light ever since. As Governor, you can count on me to listen to you, stand up for you, and fight for you, because that’s what I’ve been doing for more than 20 years.

My top 3 priorities.

My campaign will focus on the most pressing issues to Oregonians: Addressing homelessness and prioritizing safe and affordable housing for everyone; expanding access to quality health care, particularly mental health and substance abuse treatment services; and fighting climate change and transitioning to a clean energy future.

Why voters should choose me.

As House Speaker, I made things happen, like raising the minimum wage, increasing funding for our schools by $1 billion a year, protecting and expanding access to health care – including reproductive health care – and leading the way to increase funds to address homelessness and protect renters from unfair evictions and rent gouging. None of this was easy. It took leadership, coalition building, and backbone. I believe our state will continue to face multiple crises over the next several years, and I have the proven experience, progressive values, and determination to lead our state to a better future.