Suzanne Bonamici

Suzanne Bonamici

US Congress

1st District

Why I'm running.

I am running for re-election to create a better future for all Oregonians. I’ve accomplished a lot, but there is still work ahead to address the many challenges facing our state and nation. It’s important to remember that we all do better when we all do better. Too many people are struggling— and rightfully expect their elected leaders to bring relief. I want to build on my work on affordable child care and housing, climate action, universal health care, paid family leave, public education pre-K through college, workforce opportunities, equality for the LGBTQA+ community, dignity for seniors, and more.

My top 3 priorities.

1. Building an economy that works for everyone – that means affordable health care for all, raising the federal minimum wage, and providing more affordable housing.
2. Confronting the climate crisis and creating a clean energy economy.
3. Providing high quality education for all and making higher education more affordable.

Why voters should choose me.

I put myself through community college, college, and law school working at Legal Aid. I’ve been a consumer protection attorney, active community volunteer, and state legislator. My advocacy for public education inspired my first run for office, and now I’m a national leader on the Education & Labor Committee. I’ve spent my career fighting for a better future for Oregonians. In Congress, I’ve earned a reputation as a principled and progressive leader who works hard, finds common ground, and gets things done. I would be honored to earn your support.