Steven B. Cox

Steven B. Cox

City of Portland

City Commissioner, position 2

Why I'm running.

Our priorities are as clear as they are vital. Other cities around the world have overcome their homeless crisis. Yet City Council continues to enact homeless policies that have clearly failed. We can and must reclaim our parks and sidewalks. Let’s make it clear to the world that Portland has reclaimed its rightful place as the City of Roses.

My top 3 priorities.

Create transitional housing while recognizing that veterans have specific needs and that one size does not fit all. Create comprehensive long-term drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs. Invest in mental health services.

Why voters should choose me.

I’m not a career politician so I don’t owe political “favors” to anyone or any organization, this allows me the freedom to work for the citizens of Portland. I believe in holding everyone accountable for their actions, including myself. The plan I have to end the homeless crisis is modeled after cities in the United States & countries abroad that have solved their homeless crisis. Until we successfully address the homeless problem and create a streamlined auditing system that ends wasteful spending, I will never support the raising of taxes or the passing of bond measures.