Simone Rede

City of Portland

City Auditor

Why I'm running.

I’m running for City Auditor because I believe Portlanders deserve an open and accountable city government that is responsive to community needs and ensures that the benefits of economic growth are shared equitably. The Auditor’s office has the power to inform and improve the delivery of city services. I pledge to use that power to promote independence, public service, and inclusion so that the public’s interest is protected, and diverse voices are heard. I care for my community, and I want to inspire the next generation of Portlanders to pursue public office.

My top 3 priorities.

My top three priorities are to innovate and expand Portland’s nation-leading tradition of performance auditing, ensure health, safety, and equity as the City responds to the homelessness crisis, and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Auditor’s Office and across City programs.

Why voters should choose me.

I am the right choice for City Auditor because I have served the people of Portland as an artist, advocate, and auditor. I am the only candidate with a proven track record of public sector performance auditing, who can ensure that City policies are implemented as described in law for the benefit of all Portlanders. If elected, I would be the first person of color, and the first lesbian to hold the position.