Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips

US Congress

1st District

Why I'm running.

I’m running because I want to leave a better world for my children. Right now, we are running out of time to solve our biggest challenges in a world getting more dangerous by the day. We must rebuild everything from global supply chains to our own domestic institutions to our entire energy infrastructure. We need real structural change and real innovation. And we need real progress. I bring new ideas and new approaches based on a wide range of practical experience from working in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer to helping large organizations as an IT consultant.

My top 3 priorities.

From east Portland to west Astoria, I’ve walked over 350 miles in the neighborhoods I want to represent. A priority I hear consistently is solving homelessness. Another is fixing our housing affordability crisis. Overall, I hear people asking for a Fair Future and an economy that works for everyone.

Why voters should choose me.

If you want a pragmatic, future-focused, technology-aware, problem solver, I’m your guy. I believe we need to make major changes to build a better future and we can only do it through innovation and structural change. Status quo has to go. I’ve been a change agent all my life from dorm halls to African villages to the halls of Fortune 500 companies. I’m pragmatic rather than ideological. I can work with people I disagree with to solve problems that are urgent to fix. If you want new ideas and new approaches in Congress, you have a choice.