Renee Anderson

Board of Directors, Zone 3

Multnomah Education Service District

Why I'm running.

As an administrator for educational programs and math teacher for 45 years, my priority was always to make sure students would be prepared to become a successful adult. As a MESD member I will continue to work to get the best outcomes for our children by:

Stewarding Resources
Advocating for Professional Development for our Educators and Staff
Review policies to make ensure we eliminate all barriers students
Prioritizing Retainment and Recruitment of MESD Staff
Working to Bridge the Gap for Underserved Students
Investing in students’ and educators’ academic and social-emotional wellbeing
Ensuring the Equitable Distribution of Resources in MESD

My top 3 priorities.

It is difficult to pick the top three:

-Review policies to make ensure we eliminate all barriers for students. If this happens we should able to bridge the gap.

-Prioritize retainment and recruitment of MESD Staff In order to retain our staff, we should offer them Professional Development for growth and promotions and invest in their social-emotional wellbeing. It is important to retain our staff who are work with students directly because students have relationships them. We have to continually recruit because of retirement, but hopefully we will lose less staff if we support them.

-Ensure equitable distribution of resources in MESD so all students get the education they deserve.

Why voters should choose me.

I have a long history of being an advocate of our students and staff in Oregon.

Recruited to start a MESA Program in Portland, OR for PPS in 1985. By 1990, we had significantly increased the numbers of underrepresented high school students in advanced mathematics and science classes.
Member of the African American / Black Student Success Advisory Group for the Oregon Department of Education since 2016 because I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that ALL students get the education they deserve.
Served on the Community Budget Review Committee for two years because I wanted to ensure equitable distribution of resources in PPS.
On the Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators Board to support and celebrate educators.