Rene Gonzalez

Rene Gonzalez

City of Portland

City Commissioner, Position 3

Why I'm running.

Our once beautiful city is struggling in ways that were unfathomable a short time ago. Rising crime, declining livability and City Hall’s ineffective, ideologically driven policies are ruining the city we used to proudly call home. We are at an inflection point in the story of Portland. We cannot sit back and watch the city we love struggle without working to solve its problems. I’m not running to get a job; I already have one. I’m running because Portland is facing a historic threat to its livability, and it’s time to take our city back — for everyone.

My top 3 priorities.

Stabilizing the city’s decline in livability should be our first and most urgent order of business. This means enforcing existing laws on unsanctioned camping and illegally parked RVs across the city; while also fully restoring both public funding and public confidence in our law enforcement system.

Why voters should choose me.

As parents, my wife and I became increasingly alarmed by the damage done to our youth from closed schools and activities during the pandemic. I didn’t sit on the sidelines: I led the effort to organize parents and help safely reopen schools, so our kids get the education they deserve. We showed how to bring people together and galvanize diverse coalitions around a common goal. I also learned how national frames can pull people apart, while defining issues in local terms can bring people together. I want to focus on restoring Portland in ways that bring people together again.