Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Oregon Governor


Why I'm running.

I am running to connect all portions of the state and focus on what is needed in each of them. I feel that my main duty is to create an administrative system that can actually do the things that have been promised. It is easy to promise, harder to deliver. I also want to work with the legislature and county governments to put forward legislation that can be accomplished by the state and the resources it has.

My top 3 priorities.

Dealing with the effects of climate change.
Finding a way to improve income disparity and housing needs.
Create a functional administration that can deliver what is required of it.

Why voters should choose me.

They should choose me because I have, what I call, horizontal knowledge. This means I can make connections between issues that others might not see, and can find solutions to problems others might not consider. I have government experience at the local level, have served as a director on the board of the League of Oregon Cities, and have served as the chair of the Baker County Democrats which gives me a connection to all levels of public service.