Michelle DePass

School Board, Zone 2

Portland Public Schools

Why I'm running.

As a decision maker in an institution that has failed to serve Black and brown students, my vision for the school district is one in which outcomes cannot be determined by race or income. My life’s work and purpose have been rooted in social and racial justice. I want to assure the promise of a public education is fulfilled, and that we work to close the achievement gap.

My top 3 priorities.

1. Closing the achievement gap for Black and brown students
2. Supporting our teachers who have the privilege of serving Portland's children
3. Reforming school based fundraising to achieve the outcomes we want to see as a community

Why voters should choose me.

I don’t have an opponent in this race. But voters should choose me because I am motivated to do the job. I can and have advocated for students who do not have a voice. I am not afraid the speak the truth. I have the courage and the vision to carry out the work. I am able to listen, to collaborate, and to seek solutions.