Michael Trimble

Michael Trimble

Oregon Governor


Why I'm running.

Oregon desperately needs a well-informed, hard-working, Pro-Choice, Pro-Union, Pro-Environment, Pro-Racial Justice, Pro-LGBTQ+ everyday citizen willing to use the governorship to enact progressive change. Unlike Kotek and Read who have millions and well oiled political machines to staff their campaigns, I am just you and all of my supporters in running this grassroots campaign. I will fight for you everyday unlike our two front runners who have been in public office for years but have failed to lower our skyrocketing rents, expand medicaid to everyone, and raise our wages to a living standard.

My top 3 priorities.

Lowering rents by at least $100 initially capping all rents to 30% of a renter‘s income ultimately. Expanding Medicaid to all regardless of income capping healthcare costs/expenditures and setting permanent annual ceilings. Raising minimum hourly wage to $15 and instituting a living hourly wage of $25 at all billion dollar plus companies.

Why voters should choose me.

As a gay immigrant who gained citizenship through adoption, I learned to fight for my rights. https://youtu.be/uKR46mbIw5w is my YouTube video of how I live without arms all while biking and working full time while running for governor!
Living without arms has taught me to never give up but to keep on persevering. Oregon needs a fighter like me, someone who is not afraid to shake up the elite Democratic establishment that has left us hurting, homeless, underinsured, under-payed, undervalued, and living paycheck to paycheck with no hopes in sight of being able to save for our retirement or even for a rainy day fund.