Mark F. Gamba

Mark F. Gamba

Oregon House

House District 41

Why I'm running.

We have no more than eight years left until the worst impacts of climate change become irreversible. There is still so much to be done and the loss of Rep. Power, along with nearly half of the legislature turning over this year, could be a terrible stumbling block in this fight. I am the Climate Champion in the race for HD 41. As Mayor of Milwaukie, I have spent the last decade transitioning our city and infrastructure into a haven of sustainability, paying our workers an actual living wage, and more. I am running to bring this experience statewide.

My top 3 priorities.

1. Climate Change — top two sectors: transportation and residential/commercial buildings. As a Mayor and a legislative advocate I am already working on state legislation.
2. Universal Health Care — Oregon has stalled on this. I’ll get us back on track.
3. Racial Justice — transforming our economy gives opportunities to redress Oregon’s racist history.

Why voters should choose me.

We can implement real solutions on climate, health care as a right and not a profit center, systematized reparations that bring greater equity, housing and homelessness infrastructure to meet the overwhelming need, and more. I have the skills and experience to effectively champion these ideas, which is why I’ve earned endorsements from: American Federation of Teachers – Oregon, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, UFCW 555, State Senator Kayse Jama, State Representative Janelle Bynum, MultCo Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson, and more.

I would see it as a true honor and privilege to represent you in Salem. I humbly ask for your vote.