Keisha Lanell Merchant (Coach K)

Keisha Lanell Merchant (Coach K)

Oregon Governor


Why I'm running.

Oregonians have let me know they are ready to be socially responsible. I felt I was the leader Oregon needs for social responsibility to Oregonians and be a global leader in social responsibility. My Good Stewardship platform campaign is perfect leadership to leadership model for Oregon.

My top 3 priorities.

Environmental Justice, Interactive Conflict Resolution Management, and Community Building

Why voters should choose me.

Oregonians get one chance. One vote. One day. Choose well. I have shared my action plan, my implementation plan, and mediation plan to show transparency by interactive models, community building, and restoring all Oregonians with resources, quality of life in housing, and complete experience with the environment and the global community starting with leadership style, leadership tone, and transformative interactive management systems in government, business, and the environmental resources. Inclusivity. And Committed to Quality of Life for all Oregonians and their entire life, environment, business, and community.