Julian Bell

Julian Bell

Julian Bell

Oregon Governor


Why I'm running.

Climate change is Oregon’s biggest issue and makes many other issues worse. The leading candidates for the Democratic party nomination for the Governor’s position will not put us on track to address this crisis. While Tobias Reed and Tina Kotek are able to speak about climate change and point to legislative successes, these efforts are inadequate. They are constrained by the goals of their donors and will not be able to make decisive changes that will put us on track to address climate change in Oregon or help create a better future for the nation. I will.

My top 3 priorities.

Aggressively decarbonize Oregon’s economy and invest in carbon capture and storage technology for businesses that are difficult to decarbonize. Curtail use of natural gas. Develop state sponsored housing projects, to be owned by voters, managed by private enterprise. Work on simplifying and unifying the health insurance industry in Oregon.

Why voters should choose me.

If your goal is aggressive climate change action, I’m your candidate. If your goal is campaign finance reform, chose a candidate that is not a product of unlimited campaign contributions: me. If your priority is supporting low-income Oregonians, chose a person who will work to unify the health insurance industry so as to control health care costs for all of us. Me. Choose someone who will use the leverage of the state of Oregon to build low cost housing. Me. I will take these goals into the Governor’s office and make Oregon a better place for us all.