Jonathan Polhemus

Jonathan Polhemus

US Congress

District 3

Why I'm running.

I am running because our leadership has not adequately addressed the pressing issues of our time. Too often, broad bipartisan consensus has not yielded effective legislation because of corporate financial influence. We need better congressional representation.

My top 3 priorities.

My top three priorities in the 2022 elections are environmentalism, antiracism, and poverty-reduction. Earth is the best-equipped celestial body to support human life; it should go without saying that America’s top priority must always be to maintain Earth’s life-supporting systems, but many are concerned excessive capitalism may jeopardize our future.

Why voters should choose me.

With all due respect plus additional respect to Congressman Blumenauer, voters should choose me because I will advance the cause of American liberalism. The United States remains a center-right nation to its detriment. I am a capitalist-socialist.