Jo Ann Hardesty

Jo Ann Hardesty

City of Portland

City Commissioner, Position 3

Why I'm running.

The day that I decided to run for City Council was a day that many will remember: it was the day that the police contract was renegotiated. As a community organizer I have banged my head against the doors of City Hall, and I decided in that moment to move back into politics to fight for every Portlander to be heard.

I am running for re-election to ensure that we expand compassionate public safety with programs like Portland Street Response, we fully implement the new police accountability measure I led, supported by 82% of voters, and we guide our city through a just transition to a green economy. The global pandemic has been devastating, revealing the terrible disparities in our community. We need to rebuild stronger and more equitably. We cannot let wealthy special interests roll back the transformative change we have accomplished in the coming budgets and policy making.

My top 3 priorities.

1. Make Portland Street Response permanent and 24/7.
2. Audit the 14,000 vacant rentals to address the crisis on our streets.
3. Full implementation of the independent police oversight board and civilian training dean.

Why voters should choose me.

My values on why I am running remain clear–centering diverse voices, working families, and vulnerable communities in our policy-making; being honest about the problems we face; and creating solutions that are equitable, accountable, and transformative.

We have come so far with concrete systems change: creating Portland Street Response that is addressing the mental health crisis on our streets, establishing a truly independent Police Oversight Board, and reinvesting a 1% tax on billion-dollar corporations to invest in our green economy. I will continue to be the fighter you elected who stands up for people and helps those who don’t have a fair shot.