Ifeanyichukwu Chijioke Diru

Ifeanyichukwu Chijioke Diru

Oregon Governor


Why I'm running.

Our politicians have failed us. Our people are suffering, and these politicians are oblivious of solutions that will improve our quality of life. Profit and impractical theories have been placed before quality of life. I am running to implement The Oregon Socio-Economic Initiative (TOSEIN) www.tosein.com I am running to give the common person a hand up. I am running to reform our educational system, introduce K-15, and lower kindergarten education access to age three. I am running to end homelessness. I am running to raise the entry yearly salary of our teachers to $100,000. I am running to create 100,000 union jobs within three years. I am running to provide public home ownership to minimum wage earners. I am running to establish the Oregon Peoples’ Guard and provide excellent public safety standards. I am running to develop our rural areas and unite our rural and urban residents. I am running to provide free and quality healthcare to all. I am running to make Oregon’s future great.

My top 3 priorities.

Implement TOSEIN (www.tosein.com), education, and housing.

Why voters should choose me.

Oregon has a history of electing institutionalized politicians who have failed to improve our quality of life. Our state is fast becoming a third world state. I am a commoner. I wear and walk in the shoes of most Oregonians. Oregon is experiencing third world crises such as homelessness, poor educational standards, poor infrastructure, dwindling business opportunities, over taxation, etc. I am uniquely qualified to lead the positive socio-economic transformation of Oregon because I understand the crises, I have lived through such crises, and can put together an economic team with practical solutions to solve the crises of homelessness, poor educational standards, high cost of living, high cost of rent and home ownership, dwindling job opportunities, poor public safety, etc.