Hoa H Nguyen

Hoa H Nguyen

Oregon House

State Representative House District 48

Why I'm running.

As the first Vietnamese-American elected to the David Douglas School Board, I am conscious of the power of representation. In my 20 years as an education professional and youth advocate, living and working in East Portland, I am moved to be a consensus builder and engage new, diverse voices in addressing our state’s challenges. I am running to strengthen public education, address infrastructure disparities, and serve the needs of working families.

My top 3 priorities.

1. Strong Public Education 2. Affordable Housing 3. Accessible Transportation

Why voters should choose me.

I am a seasoned professional with deep roots in the Portland Metro region and relationships from years of civic leadership roles. My experience as a bilingual, bicultural educator gives me a perspective that is needed in Salem. Throughout my career, I have navigated complex systems and created positive change for youth and families in our public schools and social service agencies. I understand that in order to improve our education system, we need to work on improving the supporting infrastructures like housing and housing to help our communities thrive. I have a proven record of advocating and fighting for access for those who are underserved, which is a benefit to everyone. HD48 is a newly drawn district that includes parts of East Portl