Heather Franklin

School Board, Position 6

David Douglas School Board

Why I'm running.

I am a parent of six children including: graduates, current and future David Douglas students. My perspectives and priorities are informed by years of activism and advocacy in partnership with caregivers, students, teachers and community organizations. I feel a deep responsibility to utilize my training as a biostatistician to look upstream at policy-level oversight and budgetary decision-making to identify areas of actionable change. My motivation is to effect meaningful improvements for the students of our district, with intentional focus on literacy and eliminating disparities.

My top 3 priorities.

Early Literacy - My priority as a school board member is to center literacy through budget prioritization, following the science, and listening to the needs of our teachers.
Racial Justice - As a school board member, I will use a data-driven approach to monitor the decrease and eventual elimination of predictable patterns of academic disparity & disproportionality in disciplinary practice.
Equity in for students with disabilities - The pandemic has exacerbated inequities in service and accommodations for student with disabilities and/or in Special Education. I will work to bring stakeholders to the table and center the needs of those most-impacted. I will actively seek solutions to ongoing and emergent challenges.

Why voters should choose me.

Together, we have:
• Successfully passed Measure 26-227 that will expand preschool access, improve health & security at every building and provide a state-of-the-art Future Careers Center.
• Established a data monitoring process with targeted goals and systems accountability.
• Adopted Language Arts curriculum to align with evidence-based science of reading.

Collectively, we will:
• Prioritize early literacy to ensure every student is given the tools and support necessary to become readers.
• Use a data-driven approach to eliminate predictable patterns of disparities.
• Actively seek solutions to ongoing and emergent challenges.