Earl Blumenauer

Earl Blumenauer

US Congress

3rd District

Why I'm running.

After two years of a pandemic, global unrest, and widening social and economic inequity, our communities need proven, progressive leadership. I am a champion for policies that help Oregonians meet their needs, strengthen our economy, and prepare communities for the future. We all know there is much more to do:
1. Getting the federal government to reinvest in affordable housing and services for mental health and addiction.
2. Lowering prescription drug prices and ensuring access to affordable, quality healthcare.
3. Enacting a Green New Deal that provides living wage jobs and protects the planet.
4. Protecting free and fair elections.

My top 3 priorities.

As we emerge from the crisis phase of the pandemic, my priorities are:
1. Addressing the housing crisis that is enacting a heavy toll on communities.
2. Advancing climate policies that support disaster preparedness and accelerate the clean energy transition.
3. Shaping a 21st century economy that works for all.

Why voters should choose me.

Voters know what I will do if I return to Congress: innovative policies, proven accomplishments, and progressive leadership. I have a career of tackling controversial and complex issues in a way that brings people together, focuses on solutions, and provides lasting and meaningful change. As a member of the leadership of the powerful House Ways and Means committee and Chairman of the subcommittee on Trade, I am uniquely positioned to advance policies that will support families, stabilize communities, and provide economic opportunities for all.