Duncan Hwang

Duncan Hwang

Metro Council

District 6

Why I'm running.

As the newest Council member, I want to help Metro address the many challenges we face as a region and bring real benefits to underinvested communities and neighborhoods. We need urgent responses to our affordable housing crisis, outdated transportation systems, and an economy that fails to provide equity and access. I have a proven track record as an effective advocate for our communities in housing, transportation, climate justice, social and economic justice and accomplishing meaningful change for our community. I’ve spent a decade building affordable housing, securing funding for safer streets, and responding to public health and economic crises.

My top 3 priorities.

Immediately addressing the affordable housing and homelessness crisis through a regional approach balancing short-term shelters with long-term permanent housing. Updating transportation systems through an environmental justice lens with new Metro programs I’m championing in regional climate mitigation and social innovation. Expanding high quality job opportunities with public-private partnerships.

Why voters should choose me.

Growing up in an immigrant family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where my mother opened the area’s first Chinese restaurant, interactions with the government were often confusing and disempowering. This inspired me to bring underrepresented voices to public spaces to fight for working families. As a nonprofit housing developer and service provider, I’ve seen what actually matters to those experiencing housing insecurity. Having been a part of the planning, development, and community engagement of these types of projects, I am bringing my lived experiences, professional insights, and most importantly, my community with me to Metro Council.