Dr. Sharon Meieran

Dr. Sharon Meieran

Multnomah County

Multnomah County Chair

Why I'm running.

Having served as a Multnomah County Commissioner for almost five years, I understand both what the job of Chair requires, and what the role of Chair can accomplish.
I originally ran for County Commissioner because of what I saw working on the front line in the emergency department — people ending up in crisis because they fell through the cracks in the systems of care that were meant to support them. These systems include mental health, substance use and recovery, homelessness, immigrant and refugee services, domestic violence, disability services, and so much more. I knew that if we put the right policies in place upstream, this could put people on a better path and improve the trajectory of their lives, the lives of their families, and our

My top 3 priorities.

While I don’t consider myself to be a career politician, I have the years of experience within our local government to understand how things work. I also understand all too well how our local government is not working and is failing to effectively address these major issues. I invite you to read my detailed plan to address Homelessness, Public Safety and Behavioral Health

Why voters should choose me.

Providing direct medical care to people living unsheltered and engaging with community members, I understand the issues facing people living outside, and the true public health, public safety and humanitarian crises being experienced by them everyday, along with their housed neighbors.

The work of the County is what I am passionate about. My priorities are and always have been core County issues -behavioral health, homelessness, public health, public safety — and I understand these systems on a very deep level.
I am seeking the role of Chair because I know I’m the right person at the right time, and I could make a difference in the work I’ve been dedicated to for most of my adult working life.
I also would point out that I am not afraid to challenge the status quo. I’ve been the only sitting commissioner who has called out the humanitarian crisis of people living unsheltered on our streets, and proposed a viable alternative plan.