Dana Stroud

Board of Trustees, Position 5

Mt. Hood Community College

Why I'm running.

I believe education is a basic right and should not be a priviledge. We need all people to have access to local public schools and right now, there are many barriers to this step. For example, some of the vouchers for childcare won’t work for people who have a Gresham home address at the Mount Hood Community College. Nearly 40% of our students are food or housing insecure.
We have the tools necessary to support people’s unique needs. All people deserve to be seen and heard by community leaders. And equity in education is not only necessary, it is essential for a just and thriving society. Without it, we perpetuate a system of inequality that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

My top 3 priorities.

I sit at the intersection of science, equity, and empathy building.
We need a campus that works for us! A place that is a hub for all types of community while also scaffolding strong educational outcomes for all. I want to see a focus on SMART equity standards that are evaluated annually with targeted goals.
I believe we have a need to set and exceed measurable climate friendly goals.
I would also like to see a new pool for community to gather and to host large competitions, bringing in more hotel stays and restaurant vitality.

Why voters should choose me.

I helped guide the Gresham Charter review to be inclusive and uplift those voices that hadn’t been brought forth in previous charter review processes.
My track record is to work for the people effectively and with empathy. We all need to be brought along to make meaningful change.
My experience on the Lewis and Clark Montessori Charter school board has given me the experience and understanding of how school boards operate and who to connect with at the state and county to be effective.
As a parent of international exchange students, and an LGTBQ+ person, I know the importance of representation and want to ensure that our systems are built with everyone in mind who the system will serve.