Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan

City of Portland

City Commissioner, Position 2

Why I'm running.

Two years ago, I ran for City Council because I knew we had to change our approaches to Portland’s most pressing challenges. Since taking office, I have been clearing roadblocks to urgently address homelessness, community safety and build housing, and have pushed the Council to set priorities. I’m just getting started restoring Portland to the city it should be and look forward to a full term.

My top 3 priorities.

My top 3 priorities are Houselessness/Housing, Community Safety, and over-hauling Portland’s antiquated Permitting System to build a foundation for economic recovery that benefits all.

Why voters should choose me.

I was born and raised in Portland and I will always serve ALL residents of Portland, irregardless of one’s political ideology.

I am a collaborative bridge builder and I think the best action is when policy, practice and more action provides the necessary results for community-wide goals.

The head winds and political noise is persistent and loud. I have proven to have the courage, humility and values to be persistent to serve everyone. Government will not get Portland out of the ditch alone, all sectors must come together: government, private and non-profit. I have that history of achieving results by harnessing the needed attributes of all sectors and I am proving to be that same person in office.

I am just getting started, and I look forward to serving Portland for a full term.