Dacia Grayber

Dacia Grayber

Dacia Grayber

Oregon House

House District 28

Why I'm running.

I have spent my life serving our community as a firefighter working one call at a time to make things better for people on the worst day of their lives. As I started taking my determination to see change for our most vulnerable communities to activism, I saw how effective one brave voice can be in Salem. In my first session in office, I built on that experience and crafted, passed, and implemented that change for my community, from transformative climate policy like SB 762 Wildfire Legislation, to historic worker and labor protections to gun violence prevention.

My top 3 priorities.

Ensuring the dollars and policies the legislature passed in the past two years are spent with accountability and effectiveness, addressing homelessness, housing instability and creating healthier communities.
Expanding worker protections including the right to organize, bargain, and obtain affordable healthcare.
Forward-thinking infrastructure projects that meaningfully address climate change.

Why voters should choose me.

I’m a proven pragmatic progressive legislator grounded in real-world working family and front-line experience that gets things done. Just like firefighters tackling conflagrations, I understand that effective legislating is a team sport built through relationships, authenticity, and being true to the values of the community you are entrusted to serve. Standing up for working families and vulnerable communities isn’t some side gig for me, it’s the tenacious grit of doing this every day, whether from the back of a fire engine, as a mom of four and community advocate, or in the halls of the People’s House.