Christopher A Draus

Christopher A Draus

Oregon House

House District 41

Why I'm running.

I am running as a Democrat for Oregon House Representative District #41 in order to protect worker’s jobs, unions, and household incomes. We regular folks are under constant attack from Dictator Governor Brown and her allies, having their heads in the clouds, with no sense of reality for us down here. For example, Climate Change Legislation must be gradual in order to make sure that no one loses their jobs during the transition to green. For example, Closing the Boardman Electrical Generating Plant, without first having a replacement, is NOT logical.

My top 3 priorities.

1. Giving everyone, regardless of party in District #41, a voice to be heard, loud and clear, in Salem.

2. A sliding-scale fee or voucher for child care services, available for households in need.

3. Restraining an Oregon Governor from using executive or emergency orders, without the full consent from the Oregon Senate and The Oregon House of Rep

Why voters should choose me.

Voters should vote for me because, like most of you, I have grown tired of us “little-guys” being left out of decision making. Also, I lack a filter from my-brain-to-my-mouth, resulting in truthful answers to questions. I am also furious of candidates that spew-out well rehearsed answers, without first thinking about the questions asked. I just had a Zoom meeting hosted by The Mercury newspaper. The other two candidates just spurted out the tired, rehearsed, robotic, and safe political answers. How utterly boring it is to hear this political regurgitation of nonsense. Milwaukie’s Mayor even right-out-lied about the climate-change-advisory-group called the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change. (IPCC) The words “Inter-Governmental” should scare anyone, and he (The Mayor) follows it blindly without thinking for himself! He disgusted me so much that I still have a pit in my stomach. Enough is Enough!