Christian Robertson

Christian Robertson

US Congress

1st District

Why I'm running.

Our government is plagued by some fundamental and destructive problems – corruption-driven gridlock and a disconnect between the priorities of lawmakers and the needs of citizens. Time and time again, candidates make big promises about issues across the board – minimum wage, climate change, education, healthcare – and we are repeatedly disappointed by their unwillingness to fight for these issues and to address the systemic problems that drive government gridlock.
I am running because elections should not be an economic siphon from the people to the campaign industry; I believe this whole-heartedly, and I am running this campaign based on that principle.

My top 3 priorities.

1. Campaign finance reform by eliminating all private donations to campaigns.
2. Climate change legislation by pushing for a massive increase in renewable energy and other environmental investments.
3. Eliminating homelessness by legislating a Housing First approach to homelessness at the federal level.

Why voters should choose me.

I am an engineer; I solve problems and that is what we need now – not more empty suits. I will not toe the party line if it means sacrificing on promises. Our representatives failed to deliver on key issues for *years* – minimum wage, climate provisions, universal healthcare. They fail because they don’t hold the establishment to account for their promises. They will not risk losing donors even if it means YOU will suffer. If you don’t want things to change, vote for the same folks; if you want someone to solve the root problems, vote Christian.