Anthony Sorace

Anthony Sorace

Oregon House of Representatives

District 31

Why I'm running.

I believe government does a lot of good today, and can do more, and better. To do that, we need to keep our legislature responsive to the needs of the people of the state. We’ve got a lot of big issues in front of us. To pick a few: housing costs are increasing; we have to confront climate change; our mental health situation in the state is abysmal; our public defense system hasn’t been meeting our obligations for years. There’s no shortage of challenges where the state is either not addressing the problem, or not getting the results we want. And there’s plenty of other things Oregon does well which we need to defend. For example, the recent changes at the federal level make preserving our excellent abortion access even more important — and makes attacks on it more likely. And our education system is in the middle of some very promising, very significant changes; we need to make sure to follow through on them.

We need representatives who’ll bring their intelligence, creativity, an

My top 3 priorities.

Healthcare (especially mental health and addiction services), affordable housing, and education.

Oregon is doing many things well when it comes to healthcare. OHP and the CCO model is working very well for physical health. But our mental health situation is a very different story. Depending on which numbers you look at, Oregon ranks around 47th in the nation when it comes to providing adequate mental health care, and the situation gets worse for many communities. I’m particularly concerned wi

Why voters should choose me.

We need representatives who’ll bring their creativity, intelligence, and willingness to work — people who’re focused on solving real problems, not obstructionists who want to stop progress. I will work tirelessly to make sure our state government is working for the people: improving the quality and availability of our services, lifting people up, and defending all our rights.