Ana Gonzalez Muñoz

School Board Position 6

Reynolds School District

Why I'm running.

I am seeking School Board reelection because there is pending work I want to see developed so the District can head in the right direction to improve student outcomes. I have supported the Board with establishing Board goals, guardrails and a theory of action. The pending work include continuing with getting student input on the goals and guardrails. The focus is to meet with student groups who are not prone to voice their needs and wants in their education experience. I’m the right candidate for the jobs because I have been serving as the Chair for the past two years and I have been the driver of the Board goals and guardrails. I have the passion and the commitment to continue the work to make sure student outcomes improve year after year.

My top 3 priorities.

- Increase opportunities to potentially encourage them to be successful in their education experience. Such as more CTE and extracurricular programs: arts, sports, dance, music, etc.
- Improve High School graduation rates and Reading levels.
- Improve student performance for students in SPED and ELL.

Why voters should choose me.

I am a community leader who stands up for my values, but I’m also considerate and open to listen to the values of students, teachers and staff. If the values align with the District’s mission, vision, and core values then by all means, I will support them. Intimidating, censoring and banning students, teachers, or staff hopes and dreams is not part of my practice or ethics. Additionally, adopting diversity, equity and inclusion values will be the vehicle that will drive the work the Board needs to do for the District. Furthermore, it is the Boards moral responsibility to create a harmonious environment to make sure every member of the school districts feels respected and honored.