Ana del Rocío


Multnomah County

Why I'm running.

I am proudly running to serve as the next Multnomah County Commissioner for the place my two children and I are proud to call home: District 3.

I have served this community as an elected school board member and nonprofit executive. I am running because District 3 deserves a leader who understands the real challenges we face in East Portland, including a lack of housing and healthcare options.

For decades, government leaders directed resources and attention to other, more affluent parts of our county. East Portland needs a leader who is willing to put the health and thriving of our communities first. I’ll never stop fighting to make sure Multnomah County’s best days are ahead of us, for your families and mine.

My top 3 priorities.

1. Housing and Homelessness
We must keep people housed, help get people off the street and into safer housing options, and increase housing supply to meet demand.
2. Mental Health and Addiction
We need to expand treatment for mental health and addiction – and tailor interventions to address the known root causes of mental health and addiction.
The opposite of addiction is community or connection – where we see robust health care systems and economic security, we see low levels of mental illness and addiction.
3. Collective Safety
Violence is on the rise at home, on the streets, and in our schools. Local government can and must make creative use of public personnel and resources at our disposal to keep each other safe.

Why voters should choose me.

We know that the problems we face have been decades-long in the making — and we know we can’t solve problems with the same kind of thinking that created them.

Our government has long been a target of corporate lobbyists. I’m a leader who comes from community, and is accountable to the community. I care about the future of all people in our district because I’m raising my family here. What happens here matters.

My vision for East Portland goes beyond having our basic needs met. It includes a thriving ecosystem of local businesses, community centers, arts and culture, clean air and water, and accessible green spaces on both sides of 82nd Avenue.

200+ Endorsers Agree: Vote Ana.

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