Albert Kaufman


Multnomah County

Why I'm running.

I am running for the vacant Multnomah County District #3 (SE Portland) commissioner position in the special election this May. With over 20 years of experience in the Portland community, I am a team player who hopes to work with other commissioners and the chair to achieve goals in areas such as air quality, houselessness, addiction, gun violence and community revival. I am passionate about making positive changes and look forward to backing the leadership of the new chair, Jessica Vega Pederson.

My top 3 priorities.

I believe that the City and County are outside of their depth in solving our area's homelessness crisis. This is a national crisis that most major cities are facing. Everyone seems to think that the County can handle this issue - I at least want to see if we can get help at the federal level.

2. Gun violence. To stop gun violence I will push us to end gun shows in our region. We should also close all gun shops in our region. Lastly, I will help create an ongoing buy back program for guns and other weapons.

3. To stop people from dying of fentanyl we need to take drastic measures. Since we grow the best cannabis in the world and have excess, let's get it into the hands of those addicted to harder drugs.

Why voters should choose me.

Voters should choose the person who they think will be most effective in representing them. If you want someone who thinks big and encourages others to do so, then I am the best person for this job. Our world is facing climate change and every minute we don’t take drastic action to stop putting carbon into the air the hotter it’s going to get around here. I have been working on climate change issues for years and will never stop. We should be listening carefully to groups like Neighbors for Clean Air and Electrify PDX as they guide us to a healthier climate and safer future. I want to give these smart voices as much airtime as possible to help the County and all of us help ourselves! Here’s to a better world for all.