Aaron D Barrow

School Board, Position 5

David Douglas School Board

Why I'm running.

I first became involved with the school board to help guide my children’s education and to help protect the mental health of everyone’s kids. As a David Douglas School Board parent, I have had the opportunity to see and experience the district through my children’s eyes.

As a current board member I helped the district navigate through the COVID years. This was a major challenge! It also gave me an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as a school board member.
I’m hoping to carry this hard-won experience and my perspective as a parent forward into my next term on the board.

My top 3 priorities.

My top priority is to protect and enhance the mental health of everyone our district, students, staff and parents alike.

My second priority is to help provide the tools and resources that our district needs to provide a high quality, equitable education to our extremely diverse student body.

My third priority is to continue to provide free, nutritious food to our district students with an emphasis on continuing to enhance the nutritional value of that food.

Why voters should choose me.

As a current board member, I bring hard-won experience to the board table.

As someone who has worked and lived in the mental health community for many years, I bring valuable recovery-based insights to the district.

As a parent of two DDSD students, I can see the student experience through a parents lens.