Daniel Nguyen
Jim Crary
Jamie McLeod-Skinner
Michael Jonas US Congress
Dave Stauffer
Eddy Morales
Janelle Bynum
Kevin Fitts
Shannon Singleton
Shaina Maxey Pomerantz
Hoa Nguyen
Nick Walden Poublon
Jordan Gutierrez
Maxine Dexter US Congress
Peter Grabiel
TJ Noddings
Nick Hara
Vince Jones-Dixon | Multnomah County Commissioner District 4
Willy Chotzen
Julia Brim-Edwards

Come meet a few candidates.

Here's a list of candidates who have RSVP'd so far:

Rachel L Rand
Michael Jonas
Maxine Dexter
Susheela Jayapal
Eddy Morales

Janelle Bynum
Jamie McLeod-Skinner (campaign staff, not candidate)

Multnomah County Commissioner District 1
Meghan Moyer
Kevin Fitts
Vadim Mozyrsky

Multnomah County Commissioner District 2
Shannon Singleton
Nicholas Hara

Multnomah County Commissioner District 3
Julia Brim-Edwards
T. J. Noddings

Multnomah County Commissioner District 4
Vince Jones-Dixon

Secretary of State
Jim Crary
Dave Stauffer
Tobias Read
James Manning

State Treasurer
Jeff Gudman

State Attorney General
Dan Rayfield
Shaina Maxey Pomerantz

Jordan Gutierrez

HD 33
Shannon Jones Isadora
Pete Grabiel

HD 46
Willy Chotzen

HD 48
Hoa Nguyen

HD 52
Nick Walden Poublon


Happy Birthday Salomé

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Who won't you see at Candidate-a-Palooza? RSVPs are still rolling in from more than 20+ Democrat candidates running for local and state office.

Meet, greet, and hear directly about what's important to you.

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