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Watch GM Garcia’s speech reminding us that together we can make a difference.

“We are excited; the work is just beginning.”

GM García, 2020 Dick Celsi Volunteer of the Year Award

Every year, Multnomah Democrats hold the Celsi Celebration and honor outstanding elected officials, PCPs, and young Democrats. This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t celebrate them in person, so we are honoring them here for our Beyond Celsi 2020 online celebration and auction.

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GM García’s impact on the Multnomah Democrats is seen in our most recent platform and in the manner that we address each other. As a volunteer and a PCP, she brings intelligence and skill that help this organization better serve its mission and our communities.

In 2017, GM started volunteering for MultDems. From canvassing to house parties to events, GM helps local candidates, particularly those with strong immigration and housing platforms. As a Precinct Committee Person, she represents House District 46 and serves as an elected delegate to the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon. She also hosted the recent video forum for Democratic candidates in her house district. 

Starting in early 2018, GM collaborated with other activists to form the Racial Inclusivity Work Group (RIWG). With a cooperative but insistent style, GM and the rest of the RIWG grew teams and capacity within the Multnomah Democrats to move us forward on the RIWG mission: increase and sustain MultDem’s racial diversity in ways that welcome, include, promote, and support People of Color.

As we were developing our latest platform, RIWG supported that work by creating the Racial Equity Lens. This is a framework implemented by MultDems Study Groups to review and rewrite their platform articles and legislative action items. RIWG also initiated the first annual Racial Bias Training for Executive Committee members. In addition to coordinating MultDems’ efforts for racial inclusivity, GM is forging a way to replicate this model in other counties.

In her career, GM was recognized as a Distinguished Educator of Oregon, based on her success with highly diverse and economically disadvantaged students. GM also administered programs for students living with the effects of poverty as well as those who were linguistically diverse, migrant, or refugee. She founded El Puente Bilingual School in Milwaukie and served as president of the Oregon Association for Bilingual Education. Now, she consults in program development, equity coaching, and equity training.

“GM’s style of inclusive listening has opened important conversations within Multnomah Democrats and with our larger communities. Her presence has been a foundation that promises to benefit the organization for years to come. She is a friend, a teacher, and a model,” said Communications Officer Joel Barker.

“I am sad because I wish we were in the convention center together.”

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