Hard working but fun-loving, Spencer Trumm maps the path forward for our movement

with great comedic timing.

“What do you want to make happen to make the world a better place?”

Spencer Trumm, Co-winner of 2020 Barbara Roberts Young Democrats Award

Every year, Multnomah Democrats hold the Celsi Celebration and honor outstanding elected officials, PCPs, and young Democrats. This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t celebrate them in person, so we are honoring them here for our Beyond Celsi 2020 online celebration and auction.

We couldn’t hold our Celsi Celebration 2020 to honor Spencer in person and raise money for the coming year. Please contribute now.

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Spencer Trumm has been involved in politics since he was a teenage antiwar activist, Democratic campaign volunteer, and farm labor organizer in Toledo, Ohio. He got involved in Oregon politics as a Bus Project PolitiCorps fellow in 2015 and has since worked to link the energy of progressive grassroots movements like East County Rising with the Democratic Party’s organizing power. 

Trumm has five campaigns under his belt in various capacities and jurisdictions and is currently working on his sixth, as field director for Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s campaign for Secretary of State. He also serves as platform chair for the Young Democrats of Oregon. 

The 2017 Celsi Celebration was Trumm’s entry to the Multnomah County Democrats, as he assisted with the event’s planning. Since then, he has been involved in the Multnomah County Democrats from fieldwork to fundraisers and served as first assistant district leader for HD 42. He is this year’s Celsi Celebration general assistant and secretary.

“Spencer is always there to help and goes the extra mile to support the party and members of the community,” said his nomination. “He has a way of being the gel that binds many important committees and events like the Celsi Celebration.”

“I challenge you all to stop living in the future.”

Thank you, Spencer, for all your efforts. We are grateful and will continue to support your vision.

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Although cancelled out of concern for the COVID-19 pandemic, Celsi Celebration 2020 promised to be a vibrant evening for all. Donate right now so that we can power our efforts into this critical election of 2020.

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