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“True patriotism is about community”

Austen Lethbridge-Scarl, Co-winner of 2020 Barbara Roberts Young Democrats Award

Watch this video about how Austen faces his fear

Every year, Multnomah Democrats hold the Celsi Celebration and honor outstanding elected officials, PCPs, and young Democrats. This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t celebrate them in person, so we are honoring them here for our Beyond Celsi 2020 online celebration and auction.

We couldn’t hold our Celsi Celebration 2020 to honor Austen in person and raise money for the coming year. Please contribute now.

It was in October of 2018, following the surge of right-wing violence preceding the election, that Austen Lethbridge-Scarl decided he could no longer sit on the sidelines. Driven by a deep concern for climate change and a desire to prevent abuse of power, Lethbridge-Scarl dove headfirst into the hard work of making the all-volunteer Multnomah County Democratic Party work. He is deeply active in the policy and lobbying work of the Climate Action Team and the Abuse of Power study group.

For the Multnomah Democrats 2019 platform convention, Lethbridge-Scarl was everywhere, not only involved in policy discussion but also helping to operate the technology needed to bring the conversation together. Lethbridge-Scarl’s efforts come through not just in the text of the platform but in the collaborative spirit of the convention.

Lethbridge-Scarl contributes by solving problems. He frequently writes for the website and has jumped in to build and maintain that important outlet for our organization. “Austen makes an impact on all that we do by turning his passion into teamwork. I appreciate Austen and his willingness to engage and volunteer,” said Lurelle Robbins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County.

Lethbridge-Scarl put many late nights into developing the recent site, helping voters learn about candidates and issues for the May primary, 

“The secret,” said Lethbridge-Scarl, “is not knowing how to say no.”

So please don’t say no to us!

Jump in to our online auction fundraiser, and fuel the resistance!

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Although cancelled out of concern for the COVID-19 pandemic, Celsi Celebration 2020 promised to be a vibrant evening for all. Donate right now so that we can power our efforts into this critical election of 2020.

Not only did we lose this opportunity to gather and celebrate all the volunteers that make Multnomah Democrats so effective, We lost our key fundraiser for the year. Please make a donation to power our community-driven work.

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