Become a Precinct Committee Person

PCP appointments take place the second Thursday of each month at the Central Committee meeting. Please get your application for appointment in ten days before the Central Committee Meeting to give us time to process your paperwork. Read below to learn more!

What is a Precinct Committee Person? All Democratic Party Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) in Multnomah County belong to the Central Committee (CC), which is the governing body of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County. As a PCP, you have a voice and vote in the party when we make decisions that affect your community.

PCPs are organized by House District and precinct. As a PCP, you are the party’s grassroots, representing your neighbors to the party and the party to your neighbors. For every 500 registered voters in a precinct, there can be one precinct person of each gender (male, female, non-binary).

What are the prerequisites for becoming a PCP? You must meet the following two criteria…

  • Your primary residence must be within Multnomah County. If you are unsure of which county you currently reside in, you can find out using this county lookup map. If you do not reside in Multnomah County, please consider getting involved with the Democratic Party of your local county!
  • You must be registered as a Democrat at your Multnomah County address. If you are unsure about your voter status or are not currently registered as a Democrat in Multnomah County, look up your voter status and/or register with the Multnomah County Elections Division.

How do I become a PCP? There are two ways to become a PCP: you can be elected or appointed. There is only one difference between becoming an appointed or elected PCP: elected PCPs may vote for district leaders in the biennual legislative district meetings and Multnomah County Democratic Party officers at the biennial Party reorganization meeting. The only way to become an elected PCP is to run for election in the primary election, which is held May in even-numbered years.

  • To be elected a PCP, you need to run for election during the May Primary Election that is held during even-numbered years. The next chance to be an elected PCP will be in May 2022. You need to be a Democrat for at least 180 days before the May primary to be elected.
  • To be appointed as a PCP, first confirm that you are registered as a Democrat at your primary address and that your primary address is in Multnomah County. Once you are registered, please fill out our PCP application form. After you have submitted the form, your Voter Record is checked to confirm that your voter status is “Active” and that you are registered as a Democrat. Once you application is approved, your appointment is submitted for a vote at a Multnomah County Democrats Central Committee meeting. Your application is due ten days before the next Central Committee meeting, which is held every second Tuesday of the month.

Got questions? Email us at . And thanks again!