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Healthcare • climate • immigration • gun violence • jobs & wages • discrimination • housing • income inequality • education • social security • reproductive freedom • national security …There is so much at stake for every one of us in 2020

In Oregon, only registered Democrats get to choose who will be our Presidential nominee for the November election to beat Trump. We also choose for United States Congress, and Oregon State positions that decide our path forward.

The Primary election is May 19, 2020

Deadline to change registration is April 28, 2020

Get a Primary ballot in May by changing your non-affiliated registration to Democrat.

It takes only 2 min. Go ahead and time it! Your values and your opinion matter!. Make a difference for 2020.

This year, be a Primary Voter!

Who do you want to represent you as President? Who will take action on the important issues you care about? When we all vote – you, me, our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers— our voices are heard, we choose who’s on the ballot. We can make real progress.

Lots of Oregon voters are updating their registration now to Democrat so they’ll be able to vote in the May primary. If you’re a non-affiliated voter (not registered as belonging to a political party), you’ll need to update your registration to Democrat to be a Primary Voter.

Check your status and update online at the Secretary of State’s website – it only takes two minutes. Get it done by April 28.

If you’re not registered to vote – you can do so right there too!

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2020 promises to be a year of change, and we want your voice to be a part of that change.

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