About the Be a Primary Voter Project


Who is sponsoring this?

Multnomah County Democrats, in coordination with the Democratic Party of Oregon, created the Be a Primary Voter project.

Why are you doing this? 

We empower people to raise their voices through their votes.  Voters who register as Democrats have many more choices during during primaries than non-affiliated voters.  Only registered Democrats may vote for primary candidates for the Secretary of State, President, and important Oregon Senate and House races.  Hundreds of thousands of Oregon voters who do not choose a party are shut out. In particular, voters who were registered via Oregon’s motor voter law can easily overlook getting registered with a party. We want them to have a chance to be heard.

Why is this? 

The Democratic primary is only open to registered Democrats.

Do I have to join a party committee before I help register voters? 

No.  All Democrats may volunteer, statewide!

How does this work? 

Sign up and we will send you information on how to contact non-affiliated voters (NAVs) by text, phone, or post cards as you choose.

Who are the voters? 

They are likely Democratically leaning voters in several counties in Oregon. You may choose the county of voters you wish to reach.

How much time do we have? 

We have until April 28 to help NAVs take two minutes to change their registration to Democratic.

How can I check my own registration? 

Click here: https://secure.sos.state.or.us/orestar/vr/showVoterSearch.do?lang=eng. Share this link with your family and friends so they can check, too.

When we all vote, our voices are heard.  Join with us to make a difference.

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What if I have questions? 

If your community or activist group would like to team up on this effort – let us know.


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