Multco Dems

CD/SCC Candidate Form

At the ReOrganizational meeting, delegations for Multnomah’s reps to these Committees will be elected:


State Central Committee (SCC)  (20 delegates + 20 alternates)

3rd Congressional District  (CD) delegation  (18 delegates + 18 alternates)

1st  CD delegation  (3 delegates + 3 alternates)                     

5th  CD delegation  (2 delegates + 2 alternates)         


Eligibility to run:  Democratic registration status; residency in  Multnomah County, and for CDs, residency in the respective CD.


Eligibility to vote:  All of the above plus status as an elected or appointed PCP.


All Committee positions are gender balanced, i.e. equal #s of female and male slots are designated for each Committee.


TO FILE, click here:  CD/SCC Candidate Form


SCC Description:

As an SCC delegate, you will be part of the “legislating body” for the Democratic Party of Oregon for the 2017-2018 term.    As one longtime activist said, the SCC is the heartbeat of the DPO.   SCC Meetings are held quarterly and scheduled on weekends.  While delegates are only required to attend the Sunday  SCC meeting itself, an SCC weekend  generally includes a full weekend of trainings,  a social event on Saturday night, and Caucus and Committee meetings.   

The 20 alternates elected are expected to attend SCC meetings as well, since they are often called upon to serve and vote in an absent delegate’s place.  Other than voting, alternates not “subbing”  for delegates may fully participate in  SCC meetings. The SCC meetings are held in various parts of the state, and delegation members must coordinate their own housing and transportation.

SCC delegation members elected for the 2017-2018 term will convene within 2 weeks after the ReOrg. to elect a Delegation Chair and to get a short orientation. (meeting TBD)

SCC delegates will also be asked to attend the February CD meeting of their respective CD in order to join with their CD delegation in selecting DPO Standing Committee members.  (CD meetings TBD)

For further info on being an SCC delegation member, contact current  Delegation Chair KC Hanson at


CD Committees Description:

Oregon Congressional District Committees serve as a forum where delegates selected from multiple counties (by their central committees) can share ideas and take, and communicate, stands on the political issues of the day.  In those districts where the Member of Congress is a Democrat, they also meet with their Member of Congress, or a representative of their office, to discuss those issues and to learn about activities involving that member.  Most committees meet quarterly.   

TO FILE, click here: CD/SCC Candidate Form

DEADLINE:   Your must submit your nomination form no later than 11:59 PM, Saturday, January 21 in order for your name to appear on the ballot.    The lists of nominees will be posted on this website after the filing deadline.  Candidates for SCC  and CD Committees may be nominated from the floor at ReOrg, however, it is strongly recommended that candidates file.




January Reorganization Meeting

Our recent influx of more than 130 new PCPs at the December 20th meeting has necessitated the rescheduling of our reorganization meeting to a larger venue.  Fortunately for all of us, we were able, with the help of our District Leadership in HD 44, to find a space that is large enough and also includes an abundance of free parking as well as access to Trimet.

We will meet at the North Portland Fraternal Order of the Eagles at 7611 N. Exeter Ave., 97203 on Saturday, January 28th.  Credentialing will begin at 11 AM and will close at 1 PM.   Our meeting will take place from 1:00 PM to 4 PM.  

At the conclusion of our meeting to fill officer positions, we will elect Delegates and Alternates to our State Central Committee Delegation, and to our 1st, 3rd and 5th Congressional District Committees.  

Stay tuned for all the details, including information concerning the officer positions to be filled and the declared candidates for those positions.

December Central Committee Meeting Postponed Until 12/20/16

We secured a venue for our December meeting, but with this weather we won’t be able to meet tonight as we had hoped. As important as our work is, there is nothing we could do at our meeting that would be worth risking anyone’s health and safety.

So instead we will go with our back-up plan to meet next Tuesday, December 20th at 7 PM at the Hollywood Senior Center located at 1820 NE 40th Ave. We will open the doors at 6 PM and will start credentialing at about 6:15. Our agenda remains unchanged; we will elect SCC Alternates and appoint PCPs.

Currently, the weather forecast for next Tuesday calls for temperatures in the low 40’s with a good amount of rain. We will just have to hope that forecast holds.

Again, thank you so much for your continued patience and attention. Stay safe.

Lorraine, Chair, Multnomah County Democratic Party

We Have a Location!

We have been able to secure a venue for our December 15th meeting. We will meet at 7 PM at the Hollywood Senior Center located at 1820 NE 40th Ave. This will also be our venue should we need to postpone tomorrow’s meeting to the Tuesday, December 20th date.

Due to continued weather concerns, we ask that you watch for our emails should we have another postponement. If we do we will send out another notice as soon as is possible and will go to the back up date of next Tuesday as mentioned above.

The only other point of information regarding our meeting is that we will forego the holiday party aspect, and just stick to the two agenda items, which include SCC alternate elections and PCP appointments. This way we can be most efficient in the face of continued concerns about transportation and weather.

Again, thank you so much for your continued patience and attention.

Chair, Multnomah County Democratic Party

Clarification of Previous Message

Due to the severe weather on December 8th, our meeting had to be postponed.  We will reschedule for Thursday, Dec 15th, location TBD, so please watch your email for further details.  

The clarification: in our rush to get the notices out, we included a statement regarding our potential PCP applicants that was not fully explained.  PCP applicants must be present to be appointed unless you have documented attendance at one of our meetings in the past six months.  In this instance June, July, August, September, October, or November of this year. 

Unfortunately, our procedures for having guests sign in are not catching everyone.  We have been working to improve these procedures. 

Meanwhile, if you believe you have met the requirement of having attended a meeting in the past six months, and you are not able to attend on the 15th, please email me at and include our 2nd Vice Chair at so we can look at that for you.

At the December 15th meeting, there will be a motion from the floor to suspend this attendance rule, as our desire for inclusion and fairness in the face of an unavoidable natural event may take precedence over this attendance requirement.  However, this would require two-thirds majority vote.  This is a high bar that is difficult to meet. 

So the very best way to insure that you can become a PCP at the December 15th meeting is to be there for your appointment.

Thank you, and again, my apologies. I will let you know ASAP where that meeting will be held on December 15th.  Please watch your email.

Lorraine VanHoe, Chair

December 8th Meeting Postponed

Urgent Message!

Due to severe weather forecast for tomorrow, our regularly scheduled Central Committee meeting is postponed. 

We will reschedule for Thursday, Dec 15th, location TBD, so please watch your email for further details.  We are working to find a venue for this meeting as our numbers are increasing and our office is no longer large enough to comfortably hold all of us.

Also, please note that due this rescheduling, applicants for PCP appointments NEED NOT BE PRESENT at the meeting to be appointed.  

Again, please watch your email for more information.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Lorraine Van Hoe 

Chair, Multnomah County Democratic Party

PCP Appointments

The January 12th reorg meeting will find us back at Tabor Space at 5441 SE Belmont St. (enter on 54th Ave, directly to downstairs space).  This is the meeting where all elected PCPs will vote for our officers, and all PCPs will elect our State Central Committee delegation and our Congressional District delegations.  Time will be tight for this business; please arrive promptly.  Check in will begin at 6:15 and the meeting will start promptly at 6:30.  The meeting must adjourn at 8:30. 

Stephanie Nystrom for 2nd Vice Chair


While I have been performing the duties of 2nd Vice Chair since James Freed’s resignation, I have printed permanent name tags for all PCPs in order to aid with credentialing and reduce waste. I have also created an online PCP Interest Form to ensure that every applicant is appointed in a timely fashion (no more lost paper forms!) I have worked to create efficient room set-up, sign-in, and clean-up procedures at the current location of our Central Committee meetings, TaborSpace. I have worked with the Credentials Committee to create an accurate, efficient, and fair ballot-counting process for both the Ballot Measure Endorsements and to fill the 2nd Vice Chair vacancy. I would like to serve the last two months of this term of office as 2nd Vice Chair in order to continue this work. 

I strongly believe in the goal of the Multnomah County Democratic Party – electing Democrats. I am currently canvassing, fundraising, donating money, organizing mailings, distributing Slate Cards, and working to Get Out the Vote for several Democratic candidates and Measure 97. I respectfully ask for your vote so that I may continue doing the important work of the Party.

Leslie Davis for 2nd Vice Chair


I promise to serve you faithfully as Second Vice Chair. People who have seen me in leadership positions know that I encourage orderly participation, share power, get results, set an example for volunteer appreciation, and make it fun.

My ideas are simple. Let’s welcome every Democrat. Let’s hold meetings that are friendly, orderly, and productive. Let’s conduct the internal work of the Party with fairness and transparency. Let’s continue to provide active, enthusiastic support to our candidates.

I was first elected as a PCP in 2010. I have served on the Executive Committee as Assistant District Leader (ADL-1/HD43, 2010-2013) and as Celsi Chair (2014). I currently serve on the Rules and Budget/Finance Committees. I have assisted my district leader (the amazing Debbie Gordon, DL-45) by driving and walking our district, rounding up canvassers for east county campaigns, and dropping hundreds of slate cards.

The Second Vice Chair has heavy responsibilities. The main ones are credentialing and PCP record keeping. I encounter this level of detail daily in my work as a copy editor.

A vote for Leslie is an opportunity for a seamless and positive transition to new leadership in 2017.

November 10th Meeting at TaborSpace

5441 SE Belmont St. (enter on 54th Ave., directly to downstairs space)

Doors open for check-in at 6:15; meeting starts at 6:30, must end by 8:30.

The most imortant business scheduled for this meeting is election of a 2nd Vice-chair to finish the term term left vacant when Jim Freed moved out of Multnomah County. This term ends with the Organizational Meeting in January.

Here is the job description:

The Second Vice-Chair’s duties include: Chairing the Credentials Committee, maintaining and updating Precinct Committee Person records, and coordinating with the County Elections Division to ensure that records are up-to-date.

Candidate Statements:

Leslie Davis for 2nd Vice Chair

Stephanie Nystrom for 2nd Vice Chair

Other items on the agenda:


Celsi and upcoming DPO Holiday Party with Multdems’ Holiday Raffle”
Platform & Resolutions Committee
Campaign and Slate Card Recap
New Office Search

New Business

PCP Appointments


December meeting will be at the Headquarters on Sandy Blvd. (3551 NE Sandy.) Minimal Business, Party and Packing.
Organizational Meeting will be January 12th, 2017.