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Advocate for Electric Buses for TriMet this Wednesday

Join us at the TriMet Board Meeting Wednesday 22 January to advocate for electric buses.

TriMet consumes 6 million gallons of diesel every year. At 20lbs of CO2 per gallon, that 67,000 tons of CO2 per year, plus the unhealthy particulates rampant in diesel, that TriMet sends into our air.

Of course, the mission of transit is important, but we must also be committed to taking on the challenge of the climate crisis.

MultDems platform and resolutions call on us to take on the climate crisis aggressively. If you share that belief, attend the TriMet Board meeting Wednesday, 22 January at 9am, World Trade Center Plaza Conference Room 121 SW Salmon. Local activists will be testifying and calling for a stronger support of electric buses that can have a significant impact on our communities’ health and our shared carbon footprint.

Save the date: Celsi is March 21st

Nominations for Dick Celsi, Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat and Bill and Gladys McCoy Awards Are Now Open!

Celsi Celebration – March 21, 2020

Get your nominations in by January 21

The 2020 Democratic Party of Multnomah County Dick Celsi Fundraising Event will be held March 21, 2020.  Three individuals will be recognized for their service and commitment to the Party.

Nominations for the Dick Celsi Award, the Bill and Gladys McCoy Award, and the Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat Award are now open. You may offer nominations by using this link to our nomination form. Nominations are due by midnight the night of January 21,2020.

The Dick Celsi Award

Dick Celsi – “Celsi” as his friends called him – served as Chair of the Multnomah County Democrats during the 1970s and Chair of the State Democratic Party during the 1980s and into the 1990s. A Democratic Socialist, he was a strong voice for the poor, homeless, and those without means.

In honor of Dick Celsi, a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) who emulates Dick Celsi’s dedication to the Party and to grassroots activism will be selected to receive the Dick Celsi Award. To be eligible for this award, the PCP must not have previously received it, must not be a State or County Democratic Party Officer, and must not have been an officer of the Multnomah County Democrats within the last six months. 

Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat Award

Barbara Roberts served as the 34th Governor of Oregon from 1991 to 1995. She was the first woman to serve as Oregon Governor, and was also the first woman to serve as Majority Leader in the Oregon House of Representatives. She also served as Secretary of State for two terms, and, most recently, as a member of the Metro Council from 2011 to 2013. 

In her honor, the Governor Barbara Roberts Young Democrat Award is presented to a young Democrat who has significantly contributed as a volunteer for our organization. To be eligible for this award, the recipient shall be no older than 37 as of January 1, 2020.

Bill and Gladys McCoy Award

Bill McCoy in 1972 became the first African-American elected to the Oregon State Legislature. His wife Gladys became the first African-American member of the Portland School Board in 1970, and then the first African-American Multnomah County Commissioner in 1979.

In their honor, the Bill and Gladys McCoy Award recognizes a present or past-elected official who resides in Multnomah County and who has provided significant service and support to the Party.
We thank everyone of our volunteers and we thank you for helping to choose the award recipients. Please use this form to submit your nominations.

Chair Lurelle Robbins Responds to Vandalism of Warren Campaign Office

In response to the January 12 vandalism of Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s new campaign office in East Portland, Multnomah County Democrats Chair Lurelle Robbins released the following statement.

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County welcomes the addition of the Warren Campaign office to our community and welcomes all candidates to come to Portland, and to Oregon. We have and will continue to appreciate all people who support any of the great Democratic candidates. Every candidate brings a perspective, an opportunity and vision for the future of our country. This breadth of the conversation is good for our democracy.

It is unfortunate that destructive vandalism towards our Democratic candidates continues to be a part of our current era. I will continue to seek space for all people to express their support and opinions without feeling the need to act with hate.

Lurelle Robbins, Chair,
The Democratic Party of Multnomah County

HD36 PCPs select 5 nominees

House District 36 PCPs Nominate Five for House Seat

In a convention held at Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom on January 12, the Democratic precinct committee persons (PCPs) of Oregon House District 36 selected five nominees to send to the Multnomah County Commission as potential replacements for Jennifer Williamson, who resigned as of December 30. By statute, the convention must be held within 20 days of the resignation. Of the 140 Democratic PCPs in HD36, 116 participated in the convention. They decided to forward five names and not to rank them. The nominees, listed in alphabetical order, are

  • Chris Beck
  • Rob Fullmer
  • Lisa Reynolds
  • Akasha Lawrence-Spence
  • Laurie Wimmer

Of those nominees, Lisa Reynolds, Laurie Wimmer, and Rob Fullmer have filed to run in the Democratic primary for this seat. That election will be held in May.

The Multnomah County Commission will meet on January 16 to select on of these nominees to serve out the rest of the term, including the short session of the legislature that convenes in February.

Portland Mayoral Forum January 21st. Image of Portland from above.

Multnomah Democrats, BerniePDX, and East County Rising Co-sponsor Portland Mayoral Debate

Join the Multnomah County Democrats, BerniePDX, and East County Rising for our 2020 Portland Mayoral Forum: Tuesday, Jan. 21, 6:30-8:30pm at Sunnyside Community House, 3520 SE Yamhill St.

Facebook Event

In the race for Portland’s highest office, residents want to know what candidates will do to address widening income inequality, lack of affordable housing and increasing houselessness, and whether mayoral hopefuls will use the newly-adopted public campaign finance system.

Attendees to the free event will hear the candidates stand on police contract negotiations, transportation, combating climate change, and more. Questions from the audience will be a part of the program

The Multnomah Democrats, East County Rising, and BerniePDX value the opportunity to host this forum.

The following candidates have confirmed that they will attend:

Willie Banks, Ozzie Gonzalez, Sarah Iannarone, Teressa Raiford

Multnomah Democrats Chair Statement on House District 36 Election

In order to bring forward nominations to replace Representative Jennifer Williamson as State House Representative for District 36, the elected and appointed precinct committee persons (PCPs) of that district will hold a convention at Portland State University Smith Memorial Ballroom, starting at 10am January 12. The Democratic Party of Oregon, in partnership with Multnomah Democrats, are organizing the convention in accordance with state law and party bylaws. The PCPs of that district will vote to forward three, four, or five nominees to the Multnomah County Commissioners. The Commisioners will select one person from those nominees to serve the rest of the term.

Currently, several candidates are also declared and campaigning for the Democratic Primary to serve in that position. That primary vote will be held in May. Some of the candidates for the primary are also seeking nomination for the temporary appointment.

Lurelle Robbins, the chair of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County (Multnomah Democrats), released the following statement:

The Democratic Party of Multnomah County in conjunction with the Democratic Party of Oregon have convened a nomination convention for HD 36 on January 12th.

The precinct committee persons (PCP’s) for HD 36 that were elected in the 2018 May primary plus any additional PCP’s that have been appointed to fill any remaining vacancies since that time will be the voting body. They will be charged with making decisions on what names to forward to the County Commission for consideration.

Registered voters may become elected to these important PCP positions on the May 2020 ballot and may file with the Party or at the Multnomah County Elections Division.

If the Nominating Convention forwards three, four, or five names to the County Commission, they must select from the names submitted to them.

The PCP’s are entrusted with this important task; that of selecting the names to be submitted to the County Commission for appointment to fill the vacancy by Oregon State Law.

I encourage the PCP’s to take their duty and this responsibility seriously and to choose the best candidates. I served in that capacity at a nominating convention when Representative Bonamici was appointed to statewide office and again when she was appointed to fill the Congressional vacancy due to the resignation of David Woo. I also served in the nominating convention that resulted in the appointment of Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward.

This process has served us well in our representative democracy of which the PCP’s are the representatives. I see no compelling reason for the PCP’s to not exercise their duty and right to choose the best candidates in their collective estimation to serve in the upcoming short session.

The voters of the district will be given the opportunity to select the candidate of their choice in the May 2020 primary.

Lurelle Robbins, Chair
Democratic Party of Multnomah County

Climate Action Forum #2

Forum Series: Comprehensive Climate Action

Series #2: January 8th

The Multdems Climate Action Team is convening a series of forums on comprehensive climate action. The second in our series is

The Role of Forests and Forest Management on Climate Change

Wednesday, January 8
Doors open at 6:30; Program 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Hollywood Senior Center
1820 NE 40th Ave.

Do you know the largest source of carbon emissions in Oregon? Clearcutting at 32%. Join us 7-9 pm January 8 to o understand the role of our forests as climate protectors providing a huge carbon sink versus producing wood products. Is there a middle ground? We’ll explore the barriers to solutions and what they may be.

Facebook event for the forum

Important Topic, Many Stakeholders

  • The impact of forest management on climate, water, environment, economics, and more
  • The barriers to changing forest management, including the threat of wildfires that is driving additional logging.
  • Solutions that are available!

Join our experts

John Talberth, PhD, Senior economist for the Center for Sustainable Economy
Chuck Willer, Executive Director of the Coast Range Association
Ralph Bloemers, Senior Staff Attorney of Crag Law Center
Sean Stevens, Executive Director of Oregon Wild

Co Sponsors

The event is sponsored by the MultDems Climate Action Team, Oregon Wild, Oregon League of Conservation Voters Metro Climate Action Team, Center for Sustainable Economy, and Coast Range Association

Let’s talk! Join us.

Download the flyer

The Multdems Climate Action Team’s charge is to educate, engage and activate Democrats to address the Climate Emergency. We are the action part of the Natural Resources Protection and Recovery workgroup (Article V in Multdems 2020 Platform). Contact CAT co-leads Debbie Gordon 503-318-6023 or Tracy Farwell, or CAT member Pat DeLaquil 202-494-8836 in regards to this forum.

Proposed rule change for bringing resolutions to Central Committee

At the December 2019 meeting, Rules Committee chair Michael Burleson notified the PCPs in attendance at Central Committee of the proposed rule change that we will vote on at the January 9 Central Committee meeting.

New language is bold.

Bylaws Article 9

Section 2- Bringing a Resolution to the Central Committee for a vote

A. A Resolution may be proposed by the Platform, Resolution, Legislation Committee (PRLC) or by 5 PCPs.

B. Proponents of resolutions will include a substantive action plan in support of the resolution.

C. A Resolution proposed by PCPs will be submitted to the PRLC for assistance with formatting and for PRLC to review, make recommendations, and report on resolutions.

D. If the timing of a PRLC meeting does not coincide with the need to present the Resolution to the Central Committee before relevant legislation is considered, then the submission of the PCP Resolution can be made instead to the PRLC Chair, for assistance with formatting.

E. PCP proposers may present their resolutions to the Central Committee regardless of PRLC actions. PCPs must notify the Admin Committee and PRLC 10 days before the CC meeting if they wish to proceed without PRLC approval.

F. All proposed resolutions to be considered by the Central Committee must be posted on the Party website and a notice with a link to them sent to all PCPs via email at least 6 days prior to the meeting.

G. Resolutions submitted with proper notice are adopted by majority vote.

H. Without 6-days notice, a Resolution presented at a Central Committee meeting is adopted by a 4/5 vote.

I. Proposed amendments to the resolution must be presented to the Recording Secretary and the Chair in writing.

New item for Article XI–General Provisions, Section 7: Voting procedures

E. When documents, such as Resolutions and Bylaws Amendments, are presented to Central Committee for a vote, any Motions to Amend must be submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary.

December Debate Watch Party

Join us December 19 for the 6th Democratic Presidential Debate

Debate Season, Episode 6

Seven Candidates will be at the upcoming Democratic Presidential Debate, moderated by PBS and Politico.


Multnomah County Democrats Community Action Committee has been holding full house watch parties, co-sponsored with other committees and Democratic groups. It is a vibrant place to witness history in the making.

There will be pizza and soft drinks. Feel free to bring your favorite debate-watching snacks to share.

Click here to RSVP

Multnomah County Democrats office, 3551 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland 97232 [Map]

Doors at 5pm

See you there!

Facebook event

For public transportation options to/from the event location, visit The Multnomah County Democrats office is wheelchair accessible. If you have any access or functional needs that you feel may prevent you from joining us at this event or that, if they can be addressed, might make the event more accessible [and therefore more enjoyable] for you, please email

Rules Committee Meeting December 17

2715 SE 34TH AVE, Portland, OR 97202
Please RSVP to

(Please note, this is one of our member’s homes and is not an accessible location. If you would like the location changed for any reason, you need not specify, please let us know by emailing the chair at

Why this meeting is important

The MultDems Rules Committee, chaired by Michael Burleson, is charged with keeping our rules and bylaws. Their important contributions craft how we organize. At the last Central Committee, we passed the harassment and discrimination policy that they have been working on for some time.

Proposed agenda items

  • Rules’ long term schedule
  • Paying the party chair a living wage
  • Planning a forum & panel discussion to discuss and vote on whether to move forward with an amendment to allow for candidate endorsements.
  • Rules Committee Handbook