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Know More About Shemia!

Shemia Fagan pronounces her name “sh-me-a,” but she may be one of the most unselfish candidates to ever run for Oregon Secretary of State! 

Shemia worked her way through college and law school to become a civil rights attorney. She says that’s why she first decided to run for public office a decade ago. 

In the 2019 legislative session, Fagan championed Senate Bill 608, which made Oregon the first state to pass statewide rent control. When introducing the bill on the Senate floor, Fagan referenced her mother’s experience with homelessness, calling the bill “personal for me.”

She told the Portland Mercury “That’s why I’ve spent my career—as a civil rights attorney, a school board member, a Representative, and a Senator—breaking down barriers and making sure Oregonians know that, while we don’t always agree, I am always on their side.”

One of the Oregon Secretary of State’s roles is overseeing the statewide election process. “The national trend toward obstruction and election tampering,” she added, “has Oregonians concerned about the integrity and fundamental fairness of our democracy.”

Shemia, just two months after having her first baby, was re-elected to an Oregon House seat. Most recently, just months after giving birth to her second child, Shemia unseated an entrenched, three-term incumbent in the State Senate. This passionate and unselfish divorced single mom never runs from a fight.

Do all you can to advocate for Shemia, as she has done all she can to advocate for you!

Fagan campaign web site: https://shemiafororegon.com/

Hand holding Biden Harris slate card

Slate Drop 2020: Help us increase voter turnout by 5%

This is a stack of over 80,000 door hangers. 

Boxes containing slate cards. Biden Harris and "In Our America" signs.

We call these slate cards. They list all the Democratic candidates and ballot initiative endorsements specific to that physical address, making it convenient for voter reference as they vote or share with their neighbors.

Starting October 5, The Multnomah Democrats are doing what we do best: Delivering these slate cards.

You’ve told others you wanted to make a difference! The next step is yours, and we need your help. Without your help, a hundred thousand cards could be left in a useless pile, undelivered after the election.   

You can increase votes by taking a walk

Experience has taught us that if you deliver just 100 cards, your action will increase the voter turnout by 5% or more!

This COVID-safe request may take you up to three hours, over a couple of days. Yes, you need to prepare for up to three hours of exercise a week in early October.  Walk in your own neighborhood, in neighboring blocks or buildings.  No door knocking, no soliciting, just hook the card on the door of fellow Democrats. (Be sure to wear a mask!)  That’s it, you’re done! You’ll know you’ve helped Democrats win the election!  You know you committed yourself to that!

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Get involved!

If you haven’t already signed up, fill out this registration form so your district leader will know you are committed to delivering a Blue Wave this election.

We still need your vote. It still hurts if you don't vote.

“I live in a blue county in a blue state, why should I vote?”

I live in a blue county/state, why should I vote?

Why…because your vote can count twice! No, not because the President illegally called on North Carolinians to vote twice! Because we can only successfully defeat Trump and Trumpism by building the popular vote to new heights! We must sweep Trump out of office! You know it will take more than a nudge – even a fully legal one! Only by turning out the biggest Dem popular vote ever, can we hope to hold off Trump’s inevitably corrupt challenges to November’s outcome.

You may have heard this number of 3 million. That is how many more popular votes that Hillary Clinton got than Donald Trump. These numbers continue to be significant. We KNOW that more Americans wanted Clinton to be president than Trump.

There are other elections that matter to your life, too!

Our statewide offices in Oregon, such as the Secretary of State and Governor, have a huge impact on our lives. These elections can be very close. Your vote matters! If it didn’t matter, the powers that be would not be so interested in trying to disenfranchise you and convince you not to vote.

We must work together to max the Dem vote by talking to all our friends, neighbors, work acquaintances, Zoom buddies and all to be sure to vote!


Check your registration and make any address changes online. Learn more about voting in Oregon with our video.

No matter where you live across the country, you can check out vote.org to check your registration and find out how to vote.

What will be on your ballot? With all the intersecting districts, that can be complicated. Ballotpedia has a pretty effective resource to figure it out, though!

There is a way to get involved that works for you: Find out about local, state, and national projects at https://multdems.org/2020hub.