Austen Lethbridge-Scarl

Regarding the Explaining of MultDem Resolutions (Part 2)

WHEREAS, It was previously discussed what resolutions are and what they do;

WHEREAS, It has not yet been addressed how they come to a vote;

WHEREAS, The previous explainer should be brought to a conclusion;

WHEREAS, a committee helps in the resolution process;

Explaining resolutions process for MCD

Any Democrat can draft and submit a resolution idea. Resolutions are first submitted to the Platform, Resolution, Legislation Committee (PRLC) then brought to a vote of precinct committee persons (PCP) at the monthly Multnomah Democrat Central Committee (MDCC) meeting. (Whew, that’s a lot of acronyms!)

Most resolutions are developed and refined with the help of a study group and then passed to MDCC by the PRLC. Alternatively, 5 PCPs can sign on to a resolution and bring it before the MDCC after the PRLC has been shown the draft.

Regardless of which route the authors take, resolutions must be posted on the website and distributed to all PCPs at least six days in advance of the MDCC, giving them the opportunity to read over and study the issue. Occasionally, a major political issue or event can happen too late for a resolution to make that deadline. If so, 5 PCPs can bring it to the MDCC as an emergency resolution that requires a much higher threshold for passage.

Regarding the Explaining of MultDem Resolutions (Part 1)

WHEREAS, Resolutions are extremely important to the Multnomah County Democratic Party;

WHEREAS, Resolutions can sometimes be confusing to those new to party politics;

WHEREAS, An explainer is probably in order, which starts right now;

(WHEREAS, Part 2 of this explainer can be found here;)

WHEREAS, Resolutions should be defined;

Explaining resolutions process for MCD

The official bylaws of the Multnomah County Democratic Party put it thusly:

A Resolution supports or opposes a concept, proposed or existing legislation, ballot initiative or petition, or a government policy which affects or might affect the citizens of Multnomah County.

Simply put, resolutions are official statements of political position by the Multnomah County Democratic Party (MCD), written and voted on by Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs). Resolutions are most frequently addressed to anyone who represents Multnomah County at the county, state and even national level, including both elected officials and internal party representatives.