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August Edition of Resistance Writers

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Since the Democratic Party is the “Big Tent” Party we want to acknowledge that all of the opinions shared in these articles do not necessarily express the opinions or beliefs held by all Democrats.

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August 2018 Edition


Priority Climate Action in Oregon

by Brent Swanson

We have all heard the phrase “Think global, act local.” I was recently reminded of this when considering climate action in Oregon. As greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise in the atmosphere, there are concrete steps we can take in our state to make a difference. Continue Reading 


How Democrats Can Regain Our Political Power

by Heath Curry

There has been much discussion in the Democratic party of what happened during the 2016 general election and how we can prevent it from happening again. Much of what I have read and heard boils down to blaming the Russians, FBI Director James Comey, Donald Trump and the list goes on. Continue Reading

Democrats: Your Roots Aren’t Showing

by Demetrios “Jet” Deligiorgis

Democracy is under global attack, looks like, by an unseen force headed by a Russian autocrat who seems to have his hand squarely up our President’s puppet regime that was put into place by election interference, led by a goon masquerading as Working Class Hero. Continue Reading


Portland Police Fired on Children on August 4

by Aurora Martos

(Content Warning: This article contains sensitive subjects such as discussions of neo-Nazis and hurled slurs)

Well, I got shot at on Saturday by cops guarding an “alt-right/neo-Nazi/fascist protest in my city. This was not fun. You might want some more background to this, so uh, let me explain… Continue Reading


Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and Pissed off Portlanders

by Carissa Martos

Today, my city was descended upon by fascists, for the second time this summer. This time, there were all kinds of panicky think pieces about how the rally was destined to turn violent, it was going to become another Charlottesville, and many on the left were encouraging each other to simply “sit this one out” in order to starve the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer members of the attention they so desperately wanted. Continue Reading


 Federalism and The Two-Party System:

by Heath Curry

Why Having More Political Parties Won’t Help Our Electorate.

After the 2016 general election, there was and continues to be a huge discussion on how we elect people to office in this country. From abolishing the electoral college to creating more political parties, the questions and solutions are fast and furious. In this essay, I’ll address the proposal to increase the number of political parties and why that may not be the best answer. Continue Reading


Don’t Order Pork Unless You NEED To

by Aurora Martos

There’s been a seemingly recent uptick of white people calling the cops on black folks for all kinds of things, none of which should involve the police.

Cops are for emergencies. Let’s be real here, that’s all they’re here for. My mom is a white lady, but she grew up in LA and Oakland, so she has called the cops only twice, and not on any little black girls selling water. Continue Reading

Only through active participation can we be the catalyst for peaceful change and social justice for all!

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Left Share PDX: Help Fight A Battle We Cannot Afford to Lose

Would you be able to provide housing for the next 3 months to people working full time on a campaign to increase midterm voter turnout for democrats across the country?

By providing housing, you will be empowering passionate individuals to fight in a battle we cannot afford to lose.

If you are interested, fill out the room share form at You can also help by donating money or technology.
Want to join the fight for the future of America? Join The November Storm campaign 

Michael Durrow December 24, 1965- May 29, 2018

“Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.” The Flash

Michael lived his life to the fullest. He never acknowledged and limitations and never expected the world change to meet his needs.

He demanded no more from his friends than he was willing to give and gave much more than he received. Michael Loved LUNCH with friends! He spent his life in public service. Serving on the Board of Directors at the Multnomah Education Service District.

He was dedicated to making sure that students who did not thrive in a traditional classroom received the best educational opportunities possible in an environment that celebrated and rejoiced in their differences.

Michael was a dedicated Democratic Party Activist who supported Bernie Sanders for President with his whole being. He was a Karaoke Master and loved singing to the amazement of his fans and fellow singers. He had an eclectic mix of friends, fans, followers who all believed in his kindness to the world.

His infectious laugh, twinkling eyes, mischievous humor and disarming smile will live on in the hearts of all who loved and cared for him.

He will live on through our memories and our blessing for his friendship.


Support Health Care for All come out this Saturday to the Inner City Blues Festival

The Democratic Parties top legislative action item is health care. Health care is a human right, we demand our legislatures adopt an equitable, high-quality, comprehensive, universal, publicly-funded healthcare system including general, preventative, and emergency care, plus vision, dental, hearing, prescription drugs, long-term care, substance abuse, hospice care, and mental health services. Do you want to make this vision a reality?

Buy your tickets now:

Multnomah County Democrats: UNTIL the world is won

We must persist pressuring our electeds day in and day out UNTIL every vote is protected, UNTIL every person is respected, UNTIL every person has health care, UNTIL every child is lifted up in love, UNTIL every job provides a living wage, UNTIL every person in poverty has basic subsistence, UNTIL we lift up our Native people, UNTIL every black man and woman can live in safety, UNTIL every war has ceased, UNTIL every wall is torn down, EVEN if we have a narcissistic egomaniac in the white house, we have to persist, there is power when we stand together.


Join us in our actions text EZActions to 797979 and let us not rest until the world is won.

March For Science Saturday April 14

March For Science 10:00-3:00 Pioneer CourtHouse (Meet Ege Calay and Brian Harvey at 10:00, they will be carrying the Multnomah County Democrats Banner!) meet right behind Starbucks @ Pioneer Courthouse, rsvp here:

Last year, thousands of Portlanders joined over one million people around the world in the largest event for science advocacy in history. In 2018, we unite again to tell our elected officials and representatives that we will not allow them to weaken our institutions and block science from informing our policies!

Bring your family, friends and colleagues out to celebrate and march for science. All ages and abilities are welcome, especially if you believe in science, are an advocate for science, and support policy making informed by science!

Rally – 10am-11am – Speeches from Portland scientists and science enthusiasts will kick off the day
March – 11am-noon – Designed to be accessible for all abilities, the march will start and stop at Pioneer Courthouse Square
Expo & Kids Zone – 10am-3pm – Activities, local science organizations, and the popular Kids Zone will be back this year
Science Talks and Performances – 12:30pm- 3pm – short lectures about scientific inquiry and advocacy and a science circus for kids!

Follow here for important news and the latest updates on the march’s day-of events!

Join Us 4/12 Central Committee Meeting

We will consider substantial changes to the bylaws of The Democratic Party of Multnomah County at the Central Committee Meeting, April 12, 2018. Meeting be extended to run until 9:30 PM. Details below.

The Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County meeting will take place:
Hollywood Senior Center
1820 NE 40th Avenue, Portland 97212

Our schedule is as follows:
6:00 PM Doors Open
6:30 PM Meet Primary Election Candidates for City Council, Metro and others
7:30 PM Business Meeting Begins
7:40 PM Credentialing Ends
9:30 PM Proposed End of Business Meeting (note proposed time extension from 830 – 930 – if approved by the body)
The Rules Committee will present revised Bylaws and Standing Rules for adoption.
More info here:

WE RISE TOGETHER -A Successful 2018 Celsi Celebration



Retire Greg Walden.   Analysis shows that his seat is vulnerable.



Multnomah County Democrats co-hosted 4 candidate forums

Multnomah County Democrats Support Students at the Portland March for Our Lives

The Multnomah County Democrats supported local students at the March For Our Lives event on March 24, marching with thousands of other people through downtown Portland.

Multnomah County Democrats attended DPO platform convention

Multnomah County Democrats attended Portland Budget Hearings

Multnomah County Democrats attended labor caucus

Upcoming Events and Meetings

Apr 14 March For Science 10:00-3:00 Pioneer CourtHouse (Meet Ege Calay and Brian Harvey at 10:00, they will be carrying the Multnomah County Democrats Banner!) meet right behind Starbucks @ Pioneer Courthouse, rsvp here

Apr 14 Portland City Council Candidate Forum 10:00-1:00 The Gathering Church
Apr 15 Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus of the DPO  3551 NE Sandy
Apr 17 Community Budget Forums 6:30-8:30 Roosevelt High School
Apr 19 Education work group – impact education legislation 4:30-6:00 pm MultDems Office
Apr 23 Platform, Resolution and Legislative Committee – impact position statements and platform of the Multnomah Democrats
Apr 27 9th Annual Wayne Morse Gala DPO
Stay up to date on events follow us at and FaceBook Page:

Be Empowered – Get Involved:
We are accepting applications for The Endorsement Task Force to review and make recommendations on upcoming ballot measures and initiative petitions. Please send a statement of your interest to

Some ballot measures that may be considered include:
IP 22—to end sanctuary state status – DO NOT SIGN – IP 22:
IP 31, 38, 39—attempts to adjust the requirements for raising revenue
IP 25—to require publicly-traded companies to file statements on their state tax filings
IP 37—to prevent the taxation of groceries
The state municipal bond amendment and an affordable housing bond measure from Metro Portland Climate Action Community Benefits Initiative, Portland Just Energy Transition.
Retire Greg Walden. Analysis shows that his seat is vulnerable.
Write In Campaign for PCP: Invite activists to get involved; wage a write in campaign for PCP on the May Primary ballot. All PCP terms of office end in June.

We Rise Together.

Budget Hearing April 3rd to save our Community Centers! 6:30-8:30

Community Centers make life better by offering affordable preschool, after school care, enrichment classes, and safe public spaces. Every year we fight to keep our centers open. Demand that the people in charge have the same priorities of WE the people. Show up April 3rd at David Douglas High School 1001 SE 135th Avenue, 97233to make your voice heard. For more information, who to call, email and sample script/email click here.