September Central Committee DRAFT Meeting Agenda

THURSDAY, September 9, 2021 ~ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Primer for Zoom Use is here via Technology Officer

Join ZOOM starting at 6:30 for credentialing.  You must RSVP at the link above or via email for the CC Meeting. You will be sent a link to join, and you will be in the waiting room while the credentials committee verifies and admits you. There will not be any breakout rooms. Please mute yourself by 6:59 so we can begin on time.  If you have announcements, please write them in chat. Click here for a handy Parliamentary Motions Reference Sheet.

You can find PCP Appointment Candidates here and all Resolutions here

5:30 PM ZOOM Best Practices Training – Not Required. This is a separate, optional meeting ending at 6 PM.

Draft Agenda

6:30 PM Sign into Zoom for Credentialing. You must RSVP HERE* or via email. You will be sent a link to join and be in the waiting room while the credentials committee verifies and admits you.  

6:50 PM Introduction to Meeting – Best Practices Overview.

Please mute yourself by 6:59 PM so we can begin on time. 

7:00 PM  Meeting Called to Order – Chair Comments and Welcome

7:02 PM  Adoption of the Agenda and Minutes

7:05 PM  Admin and Committee Reports

7:25 PM  Parliamentary Procedure Informational 

7:30 PM  Platform Convention Presentation

8:00 PM  Divest Oregon Coalition Presentation – Vote to join

8:30 PM New PCP Vote 

8:45 PM  New Business – Announcements ( Raffle, Treasurer,) 


* After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Welcome Orientations for new PCPs, Volunteers, and Neighborhood Leaders. Vice Chair Marcia Schneider is planning monthly orientations on most Saturdays following our Central Committee meetings where we confirm new PCPs. Meet other new members, share ideas and find out where you can plug into Multnomah County Dems to put your interests and activism to best use.  Check the calendar for details for this month.


Leadership Meetings are scheduled on the 4th Thursday of every month and alternate between AD/ADL/NL Meetings on ODD months and Committee Chairs Meetings on EVAN months. View the calendar for more info.


Remember this is a draft agenda, subject to change. Find the most up-to-date agenda toward the top of our Agendas Folder.

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Ways to get involved....

Platform Process

Our platform process is under way.  You can learn more about the process, and you are welcome to participate by filling out this interest form and/or by commenting on the draft platform document.

Training Opportunity

Help keep the lights on and our party strong by making a Donation!

Pillar               $10 per month     $120 per year

Cornerstone   $42 per month     $ 500 per year

Foundation     $83 per month     $1000 per year

Neighborhood Leaders Wanted

Register Non-Affiliated Voters


Work with Candidates

Host Candidate Forums

$2000 NOW  Act to support the people and the economy. One paragraph not 1800 pages.

From Oregon to the White House; Find your action and get involved.

TOP 6 Survey Platform Action Items   *   Contract with Black AmericaThe full document



House Districts are where we engage and organize our Party and are where democratic discussions and actions occur in smaller neighborhood groups that provide the backbone of the Central Committee.

where xx is your HD (ex.: HD46 is ). 

Work Groups:

Neighborhood Leader Program 

Racial Inclusivity Work Group

Standing Committees: set in the bylaws, are where democratic actions occur in smaller groups that provide the backbone of the actions and work of the Central Committee

Campaign and Candidate Liaison    Ben Lavine 

Fundraising     Vacant

Community Action & Engagement: Gary Lietke

Platform, Resolutions and Legislative Committee   Faith Ruffing

Study Groups are subgroups of the Platform, Resolutions and Legislative Standing Committee and connect to the Articles of the Platform. They work on issue related discussions that may lead to community action or legislation and other efforts to impact outcomes.

Justice   Sally Joughin

Tribal Sovereignty Ruth Jensen

Historical and Ongoing Anti-Blackness Quinton Blanton 

Election Integrity  Bill Harris

Basic Rights Mark Nerys

Education   Margi Brown

Economy  Mitch Rofsky

Climate Action  Pat DeLaquil

Abuse of Power

Labor and Small Business

Communication: Jas Davis 

Technology: Aaron Levine