Know More About Shemia!

Shemia Fagan pronounces her name “sh-me-a,” but she may be one of the most unselfish candidates to ever run for Oregon Secretary of State! 

Shemia worked her way through college and law school to become a civil rights attorney. She says that’s why she first decided to run for public office a decade ago. 

In the 2019 legislative session, Fagan championed Senate Bill 608, which made Oregon the first state to pass statewide rent control. When introducing the bill on the Senate floor, Fagan referenced her mother’s experience with homelessness, calling the bill “personal for me.”

She told the Portland Mercury “That’s why I’ve spent my career—as a civil rights attorney, a school board member, a Representative, and a Senator—breaking down barriers and making sure Oregonians know that, while we don’t always agree, I am always on their side.”

One of the Oregon Secretary of State’s roles is overseeing the statewide election process. “The national trend toward obstruction and election tampering,” she added, “has Oregonians concerned about the integrity and fundamental fairness of our democracy.”

Shemia, just two months after having her first baby, was re-elected to an Oregon House seat. Most recently, just months after giving birth to her second child, Shemia unseated an entrenched, three-term incumbent in the State Senate. This passionate and unselfish divorced single mom never runs from a fight.

Do all you can to advocate for Shemia, as she has done all she can to advocate for you!

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