Comedians and Candidates poster with Sold out stamped on it.

Honk if You Love! Comedians & Candidates in Cars Brings Us Together

Comedy and humor is so important to being human, and sharing it is a core part of community. With our 2020 Drive-In Edition of Comedians and Candidates, we managed to make it all happen. Honks replaced applause, but we still managed to hear from great local comedians and fantastic candidates.

Not only that, we beat our goal and raised over $5300 so that our all-volunteer, grass roots party can continue to advocate for our communities through elections and legislation.

MC Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum took to the stage and gracefully led us through the event with her usual warmth. In the improvisational spirit of 2020, the audience quickly figured out how to applaud with their horns.

 “It was so great to come together and enjoy a perfect Northwest autumn night with all these DemocratsEmcee Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum. It turns out our makeshift drive in theatre provided much needed camaraderie and in retrospect an outlet for the talent of our candidates and Portland’s top comedians.”  

Lurelle Robbins, Chair of Multnomah County Democrats

Tons of volunteers put creativity, smarts, and many many hours into the event.

“Let’s hear from all the Prius!”

Comedians Susan Rice, Art Krug, Amanda Arnold, and Nathan Brannan presented. They shared the stage with great Democratic candidates in Multnomah County

  • Dacia Grayber HD 35
  • Sarah Iannorone Portland Mayor (by pre-recorded video)
  • Andrea Salinas HD 38
  • Lisa Reynolds HD 36
  • Tawna Sanchez HD 43
  • Wendy Lawton Fairview City Council
  • Khan Pham HD 46
  • Vincent Jones-Dison Gresham City Council
  • Ricki Ruiz HD 50

While they all made a try at jokes, most of them showed that their service was better in politics than comedy!