Slate Drop 2020: Help us increase voter turnout by 5%

This is a stack of over 80,000 door hangers. 

Boxes containing slate cards. Biden Harris and "In Our America" signs.

We call these slate cards. They list all the Democratic candidates and ballot initiative endorsements specific to that physical address, making it convenient for voter reference as they vote or share with their neighbors.

Starting October 5, The Multnomah Democrats are doing what we do best: Delivering these slate cards.

You’ve told others you wanted to make a difference! The next step is yours, and we need your help. Without your help, a hundred thousand cards could be left in a useless pile, undelivered after the election.   

You can increase votes by taking a walk

Experience has taught us that if you deliver just 100 cards, your action will increase the voter turnout by 5% or more!

This COVID-safe request may take you up to three hours, over a couple of days. Yes, you need to prepare for up to three hours of exercise a week in early October.  Walk in your own neighborhood, in neighboring blocks or buildings.  No door knocking, no soliciting, just hook the card on the door of fellow Democrats. (Be sure to wear a mask!)  That’s it, you’re done! You’ll know you’ve helped Democrats win the election!  You know you committed yourself to that!

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Get involved!

If you haven’t already signed up, fill out this registration form so your district leader will know you are committed to delivering a Blue Wave this election.