We still need your vote. It still hurts if you don't vote.

“I live in a blue county in a blue state, why should I vote?”

I live in a blue county/state, why should I vote?

Why…because your vote can count twice! No, not because the President illegally called on North Carolinians to vote twice! Because we can only successfully defeat Trump and Trumpism by building the popular vote to new heights! We must sweep Trump out of office! You know it will take more than a nudge – even a fully legal one! Only by turning out the biggest Dem popular vote ever, can we hope to hold off Trump’s inevitably corrupt challenges to November’s outcome.

You may have heard this number of 3 million. That is how many more popular votes that Hillary Clinton got than Donald Trump. These numbers continue to be significant. We KNOW that more Americans wanted Clinton to be president than Trump.

There are other elections that matter to your life, too!

Our statewide offices in Oregon, such as the Secretary of State and Governor, have a huge impact on our lives. These elections can be very close. Your vote matters! If it didn’t matter, the powers that be would not be so interested in trying to disenfranchise you and convince you not to vote.

We must work together to max the Dem vote by talking to all our friends, neighbors, work acquaintances, Zoom buddies and all to be sure to vote!


Check your registration and make any address changes online. Learn more about voting in Oregon with our video.

No matter where you live across the country, you can check out vote.org to check your registration and find out how to vote.

What will be on your ballot? With all the intersecting districts, that can be complicated. Ballotpedia has a pretty effective resource to figure it out, though!

There is a way to get involved that works for you: Find out about local, state, and national projects at https://multdems.org/2020hub.