The Chair’s comments opening September 2020 Central Committee


We are experiencing what may seem like a nuclear endtimes.  Our friends and families suffer from smoke and or fire while we have:

A President incapable of empathy, truth or leading this nation

A smoke filled city and county with friends and family at risk.  The result of climate change and resulting fires has caused our Governor and Mayor to declare a state of emergency.

A city with citizens willing to stand up for freedom from government overreach, for freedom of speech and for black lives matter and against police brutality.

A pandemic and an economic disaster

Feelings, created by President Trump’s failure to lead, of distress, mistrust, anger, and overwhelm.

TOGETHER, we must and will create hope through action.  We will Get Out The Vote and elect our Democratic neighbors that are running to make us better.

This week we have had in depth conversations about:

Sexual harassment 

Slate cards and neighborhood leaders


Contract with Black America

$2000 Now and PDX Basic Income

Legislative and platform alignment

Among other issues of justice and elections

And we are planning for 3 BIG EVENTS that require your participation:

  • The November 3rd Election and GOTV in 54 days
  • Our slate card program and GOTV

All of the activities are designed by volunteers whom we should thank often for the benefit of all of us.  Please participate in the FUN and the important work of electing our good Democratic neighbors and Shemia Fagan (SOS) and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3rd, 2020. 

Our country depends on YOU!